Kite is where the magic of building great brands meets the math of doing smart business.

We want to create a world where inventors don’t have to stop inventing because the cost of doing business is too great. 

Budding entrepreneurs deserve access to the competitive advantages that propel their products to succeed and scale. That’s why we’re so inspired to build a new platform that strips away the complexities of commerce to accelerate product transformation. 

We nerd out on our entrepreneurs’ vision, passion and product design just as much as we do on the algorithmic efficiencies that enable our brands to thrive.

Kite helps high-potential brands prosper. 

If you’re the heart and soul that turned a problem space into product success, let us be the blood, sweat and tears that can accelerate it into an even more successful product, brand, and business—with the technology and team to do it right. 

We are equipped to invest in, or acquire and operate your brand with the kind of transformative efficiencies and growth you could only dream of achieving all on your own.

Our approach: Giving brands a strong foundation from day one. 



One of our superpowers is identifying, investing in, and buying promising businesses that are helmed by entrepreneurs who are great at spotting trends and creating innovative products, but who are less inclined to navigate the complexities of building a business. We have the capital, expertise, and passion to amplify and grow these brands.


The growing portfolio of high-potential brands that we own and operate were born out of an entrepreneurial passion for problem solving. We thoughtfully shepherd these brands with focus and rigor to accelerate growth and profitability, without compromising quality.


We transform products into next-generation brands that people feel passionate about. Our product lines grow with consumers’ needs, wants and desires. We scale sensibly and sustainably, connecting through shared values.


We want to make commerce work for everyone—not just the big guys. From manufacturing and selling to supply chains, we’re building a hyper-efficient tech platform that gets smarter as each new product moves through the system.


By e-commerce, we mean ‘everywhere’. Instead of betting on just one channel, Kite will deliver seamless and satisfying discovery and shopping experiences to meet consumers exactly where they are—across every channel—online and off.

We love finding products that customers love to love. 

Our products are geared for the things that matter most—investing in personal growth, nurturing the people, pets and places you cherish, and equipping you for life’s everyday adventures. We care deeply about delivering purposeful products of enduring quality.

Grow & Glow

Enhancing body & mind

  • Personal growth & development
  • Mindfulness & wellbeing
  • Beauty
  • Personal fitness

Nurture & Nest

Cultivating connection & creating sanctuary

  • Family, kids, baby
  • Pets
  • Home & garden
  • Social gatherings

Express & Explore

Expanding your passions & horizons

  • Hobbies & creativity
  • Travel & adventure
  • Sports & recreation

We’re in the business of investing in and buying businesses.

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