Kite is reimagining commerce—
how products are made, moved, marketed, stored, shipped and sold at scale.

The wheels of commerce are unnecessarily complex for the entrepreneur who’s trying to move beyond initial product traction to create a brand with long term success. 

Creating radical efficiencies across a product’s commerce journey is the path to unlocking its greatest potential.

We’re building a clean-slate platform from scratch.

One that gets smarter as each new product that we acquire moves through the system.

We believe that intelligent customer acquisition and a synergistic supply chain that run on predictive, assistive and evaluative AI, are key to powering a product’s ability to grow into a thriving, beloved brand.

We call it the Kite Effect.

The more products that utilize the platform, the more the platform adapts and learns.

As a result, the smarter and more transformational it becomes—with efficiencies at every turn—to intelligently scale the brands that we find, invest in, acquire and operate.

we're not alone.

We're backed by Blackstone, one of the most influential private equity firms in the world, and Juxtapose, a creation-oriented investment firm focused on industry-transforming tech businesses.

We’re in the business of investing in and buying businesses.

Seeking investment or ready to sell your business?

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